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David Galloway

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Classical Music Exploration Date Change

The May meeting will take place on Friday the 2nd May at 11am,  due to James having other commitments the following week.

James will be exploring “The Forgotten Treasury of British Opera, after Handel and before Britten”.

Hope to see you all at Antonio´s Bar at the entrance to Canillas de Albaida, come in time for coffee before the meeting.

Regards, Katherine

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Wild Side Walking

just a reminder that this month’s ‘wildside’ will be led by eric and patrish on thursday, starting at 10.30am from the mirador on the way to casa de la mina near competa. it’s likely to be a 3-hour trail accessible to all, with menu del dia in competa square for those who want it afterwards. please let eric know whether you are coming and/or want lunch ( <> ).

For anyone unsure of the meeting point location, we’ll be at competa main car park at 10.15am to show you the way or car-pool.

Regards, sandie

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Poetry Group Report: For April 8th, 2014

A few of us met and had a lovely hour under the olive tree in the courtyard sharing poems about Spring…

We also had to discuss two topics for the group interest:

1)    where to meet in June since I’ll be away;

2)    what day to change the meeting since a conflict has developped.

After a brief chat we all agreed to

1)    Make the final decision in May for meeting place in June and

2)    Move Poetry to the second Monday of the month starting in May which would make it Monday May 12 at  11am at my place.  The topic will be ”mother”.

Have a super month!!

Norma k. masip

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March report for the U3A Munch Bunch (Formerly Gastronomy Group)

Bodegas Bentomiz-Sayalong – Participants: 18

We did it!!  Another successful lunch outing and this one included delectable wine tasting and delicate canapes to accompany the various wines.  The Bodegas Bentomiz overlook the Mediterranean above Sayalonga; the panorama, spectacular even with hints of fog, added to the festive mood.

Our hostess, Clara personable and very knowledgeable, started by giving us an overview of their wine business:  Who, what, when, where such as years of operation, type of soil, why they chose the spot, types of grapes used, some they mix some not.  She gave us a guided tour of the two floor winery, very clean and modern, newly constructed by her husband and a Dutch architect friends of theirs. The new building follows traditional Bauhaus lines with maximum open space and views of the exterior giving a sense of the outdoors fusing with the indoors.  Quite attractive.  The wines are all around 13º; they run the gamet of red, rose, white and sweet and dry.  Did you know that the grape exclusive to those hills is called Rome (with an accent on the e)??.  Clara and Andre, her husband, pride themselves in producing wines that are elegant and light.  Quite clever and on the cutting edge of production and marketing (they offer sampling wines to fine eatery managements throughout Europe and exhibit their wines in classy food and wine fairs), they feature glass closures, with a silicone snapping inner rim; not corks (too ordinary).  In 2008, they started with 500 liters and are now at 5,500 with a total capacity of 10.000 liters in a few years down the line.  They export locally and internationally including Europe, Canada and the US.

Needless to say, the couple of hours provided us all with an opportunity to delight our senses while sharing lively conversations with other gourmands.

We spiced up the group meeting with the collection of written suggestions for the name change… No more GASTRONOMY.   Out of 18 participants, we had a selection of 34 names, some funnier than others such as: The Diet Starts Tomorrow; Tomato Stained Shirt; Boozy Lunch Club, The Foodies and The Tasty Tarts.  We narrowed it down to 5 finalists which were:  Gastro Gang; Saber Sabor; Munch Bunch; Sobremesa; and the Gourmet Club.  We picked one out from a salad bowl which was:  Munch Bunch.  And so we are!!

We briefly discussed:

1. Our starting time of 11am which sounds early for some.  We all agreed that the type of venue would eventually dictate our meeting time.  So  11am isn’t carved in stone.

2.  Our plans for the next 3 months.

So, stay tuned for next month: Friday April 18 in Periana’s Mayorales.  I will be sending further details next week and ask you to commit then.

Barry and Geoff invited 4 friends who now want to become U3A members;  We’ll coordinate the process with Helen.  We want to thank the group for following thru and sharing good humor and cheer.  It was truly a delightful occasion.  Happy Spring to all and we’ll see you on  April 18th.

Maggie and Norma

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Meditation/Relaxation Groups March Report

During the Month of March both groups were well attended as usual. We listened to an Indian Meditation, one of Glen Harrold’s visualisation CDs and Earth and Universe.

There was a combined outing to the Karma Guen Diamond Way Buddhist Retreat Center. Where 16 of us braved the cold and wind and met at Trapiche before going in convoy to the centre.

We were met by Rob who gave us a guided tour of the Karma Guen, but unfortunately did not know the history of the drawings around the centre. He then did a meditation for us which was hard to hear as he was quietly spoken and the wind was howling outside. He then took us to their gift shop where we had ample time to purchase goods, some gifts are made by  the staff that work there, and also there were books and CDs you could purchase. At 13.30 a gong was struck to let everyone know that lunch was ready. The food was delicious and plenty of it and we had chance to speak to other co workers that were staying at the retreat. Finally some us got back into the cars and a few decided to walk up to the Estupa, by now the wind had dropped and the sun was shining on us. We left about 16.00 the trip cost 5€ including the food.

If anyone wants to go for a full guided tour you can go any Sunday afternoon

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