Book Club


Well what a can of worms that opened. Comments ranged from ‘what a load of rubbish’ to ‘moving and evocative’ with all points in between. Some of us were reading it for the first time, for others it was a return to a book we had read in our youth. Lively discussions ensued at both meetings, and it was difficult, in this day and age, to comprehend what all the fuss had been about, but those of us who remembered the 50,s recalled how straitlaced the era had been. Over the 2 groups, it was 50-50 for and against.

This month’s meetings are on Tuesday 15th June at 11am at Las Americas (if open) in Torre del Mar and Wednesday 16th June at 11am at La Playa El Morche. We will be discussing Huckleberry Finn, I wonder what controversies this will provide.

The book list I attached a couple of months ago, is not a definitive list but just suggestions. There have been plenty more and I will bring hard copies of the list to both meeting where we can decide which ones we want to consider.

Again can we have suggestions for more modern books.

I have been lent a copy of ‘NO I don’t want to join a Book Club’ by Virginia Ironside. I have only read a couple of chapters, but is about people of ‘a certain age’ and the options open to them. It is a work of fiction, but I am sure we can all relate to some of it.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.


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