Quiz Group

Dear Quizzers,
Quite a turn out, we managed four teams of four. I subjected the assembled to an onslaught of general knowledge, history, geography and literature questions and to add insult to injury some “Lateral Thinking” problems and “Dingbat puzzles”.
At the previous meeting a team played their “Joker” on the science questions and did very well indeed, so this time I substituted this for literature questions (you can’t please everyone) and another team of know-alls swept the board with their knowledge on all subjects, even making the connections from answers such as “Gregory Peck”, “Rod Stewart” and Issac “Newton”, being terms of measurement and with answers to “what do you do with a Lambeg” – you beat it and “what is the large bell in the tower at Westminster called” – Big Ben being Micheal Jackson songs (I’ll have to make them harder).
Now having pleased at least two members with their pet subjects, are there any specific subjects (apart from Science and Literature) that you would like to be asked questions on at a future meeting? I’m not promising anything, but I’ll give it some thought.
Yours questioningly,
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