The last couple of monthly meetings have been on the subject of taking very close up pictures of subjects such as plants and flowers and pictures of moving subjects.

All members are using digital cameras and we looked at the differences between the various brands. Some offer close up “macro” and some offer “macro” and “super macro” The latter allows the lens to be only 2cm (0.8in.) from the subject, which means that you need to be very careful not to cast a shadow of yourself or your camera on the subject of the picture. One of the beauties of digital is that apart from a minimal cost per shot of battery life, you can practice and practice  without wasting film.

For the moving subjects we went to the port at Caleta to watch the fishing boats coming home. Strangely they arrived a little later than expected and without a crowd of seagulls around them. It all seemed a little odd. Later it became apparent why, a Guardia Civil launch also turned up and we suspect that the boats were all obeying the rules on nets and discarded fish on that day. However we managed to get pictures. Moving objects are a little more tricky to frame in the picture with digital. The picture is taken a fraction of a second after the shutter is pressed, unlike a conventional camera where the shutter operates as you press the shutter. This is possibly the most frustrating feature of digital cameras and is fortunately better now than it was. It only really becomes a problem with moving subjects, although it is important to hold the camera steady for that fraction of a second beyond pressing the shutter.

The Photographic Group meets monthly on the last Wednesday of the month and is always open to ideas for photo shoots. There will be no meeting in July or August. Non group members please contact me “rolandgillett at gmail dot com” if you would like to join our group and also if you wish to join  U3A El Morche.

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