Garden Group

We have only managed to have three meetings since I returned from the UK in March as so many of you have been away for one reason or another or have had visitors. Most interesting of all was a wildlife walk down the old railway track at Zafarriya which was led by Patricia Shaw.    Although it was a bit late in the season there was still plenty of interest to see including some choughs which were nesting in cliff faces overlooking the railway line and a good variety of wild plants many of which Patricia photographed anf hopefully will post on the site for us. Our last trip out was to a couple of the viveros near Velez – Malaga to look at some of the plants currently available before the planting season came to an end.    On both occasions a well earned beer was imbibed accompanied by tapas of course at La Cruze at Triana.   Some claim this to be the highlight of our days out.
I had planned a meeting for the 20th of this month to cover recognition of common insect pests and diseases but most members are either away or have visitors arriving, so we must postpone this one until we recommence in the Autumn. I am back in the UK from early July until mid September so will contact every one to notify the first of the meetings. In the meantime hope you all have a good Summer and if there is anyone out there interested in joining our Group please get in touch.


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