Quiz Group Report

Dear Quizzers (and anyone else interested in the “Clash of the Titans”),

As previously threatened, I tried something “new” (again – when will I ever learn?).  My earlier enquiries as to how many could make this cerebral extravaganza, resulted in enough for three teams, but due to last minute unforeseen circumstances this was reduced to only 8 being present.

As fortune would favour the situation, we found we had four ladies and four “gentlemen” (I used the term loosely) ready, willing and “able” (?) to make battle and whilst the last battle of the sexes was not an evenly balanced match (10 girls, 6 boys), the Lads still won (albeit by half of one point), this time it would be a level playing field.

I chose as this month’s mental jousting theme, that inspiring TV quiz programme, University Challenge, complete with two picture rounds and two music rounds. Picture the scene if you can, four ladies, resplendent in their “pulling gear” looking, calm, cool and collected, whilst the “gentlemen” seem to have entered the “stadium of knowledge” straight from their sheds and (obviously) without having stayed up all night swotting on useless facts.

The gentlemen tasted first blood on the correct answer to the highest mountain in Africa and they did well in the second round with their knowledge of pop songs, TV and film, but lost their way in the next two rounds. There was some dispute about the “buzzer” (there wasn’t any) and how this should sound and even I have a limited supply of “discretion” to use and use I did, on more than one occasion. However, the ladies won 5 rounds on the trot (with questions on the first man in space, Portuguese and black pudding), taking them into an outstanding lead (I don’t think the gentlemen were really trying) and whilst the following rounds were evenly matched in the correct numbers each answered, the gentlemen could not catch up.

The final scores were 240 to the gentlemen and a truly respectful 315 for the ladies – Well done!

Someone said that the ladies made such a fuss last time that the gentlemen used an unprecedented amount of courtesy in allowing the ladies to answer the starter questions first, but I don’t think that was the reason the ladies won. It was really due to the ladies’ team captain having an incredible knowledge in respect of the questions I was about to ask and it was suggested that she somehow “hacked” into my laptop for the answers. Now that is a suggestion not worthy of the gentlemen, although the lady’s husband is in fact a whizz kid with computers (coincidence?).

We had a couple of “spectators” who came to see the gentlemen squirm and on at least one occasion inadvertently helped them with a rock ‘n roll question (not that it made much difference to the outcome). We may see those two ladies again, if they want another laugh. I must admit I had a tear in my eye at the end of proceedings and a feeling of betrayal.

On a completely different note, there is an awful lot of hacking referred to in the news at the moment and I’ll let you know if the police are also interested in our Quiz Group meetings.

There will be no quiz meeting in August (I may have to convalesce after this morning), so see you all again in September. I shall let you know when, once to new meetings dates are circulated.

All the best,


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