Referees Verdict

Dear Quizzers,

Further to my report of the latest quiz meeting, I have been asked to make a correction.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the answers to questions are scrupulosity(spell check struggled with this..webmaster) researched, occasionally one or two erroneous answers get through and this was the case at yesterday’s quiz meeting and our University Challenge game.

It transpires that in round 17 dealing with Shakespeare’s plays, the answer to which famous battle was the line “Once more unto the breach….”  (Henry V, Act III, Scene I) said, was not in fact Agincourt (which came later), but in respect of the siege of Harfleur.

This was the answer given by one of the gentlemen (mind you he is the same chain-smoking gentleman who said yesterday after the break and I quote “It’s too hot the smoke!”) and therefore an extra 5 points are to be allocated to the gentleman’s team, hurrah!  This of course changes everything as the gentlemen were in fact beaten by only 70 points instead of 75 (315 to 245).

I hope that this puts the record straight and we can all rest in our beds tonight knowing something good was done here today.

Hasta la vista,


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