Singing Group

The whole point of the Singing Group is that we sing for pleasure! We sing together as a group, everybody has input. We are not an organised choir. But we did organise ourselves enough to provide entertainment at the Christmas party, we enjoyed that and the feedback was that everybody else did as well. We are able to laugh at ourselves when we get it wrong. And we have fun.

We have been allocated the second Monday of the month. At the start we changed the time to 11.00 because some wanted to attend afternoon events.

We want people to be happy when they sing and I was so very pleased when Chris said to me “When I leave singing it always makes me feel happy!” That´s the way we want it: a relaxing enjoyable morning leaving us on a high for the rest of the day.

Come and join us at Parquesol on the second Monday of the month at 11.00. Why not give it a whirl, we guarantee you will enjoy yourself.


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