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Dear Quizzers,As already mentioned in previous emails, I have been researching all my question and answers after last time’s (and previous) heckling from certain members (you know who you are). I have measured mountains and compared them to the highest and told you where they were. I have looked up names (addresses and inside leg measurements) of assassinated US presidents (I know how they feel) during the reign of Queen Victoria and who sang what and when, but there are limits.

Now, for our latest battle of “who needs to get a life and who has already had one”, I managed to persuade 12 to attended (they had nothing better to do) including two ladies trying us out for the first time (and maybe the last). So three teams of four were achieved, although two gentlemen were willing to go it as a couple; I’ll rephrase that; two gentlemen were going to make up a team of two, until a couple of ladies (who were fashoinable late) graced them with their presence.

A couple of old favourite rounds started us off (Geography and History) and then after the break we had the Connections round, This involved general knowledge questions, the answers of which are all connected in some way and extra points were awarded for the correct connection. Part one was too easy (Mints), but I had them all in Part two with the bands and singers who performed James Bond film songs! We continued with Entertainment which included the last line spoken in Gone With the Wind. You can check all the film lines on You Tube you know!

I also confused them all on one of my Dingbat questions. If you are not familiar with Dingbats, they are pictorial words, much the same as the TV programme Catch Phrase. In this particular case they were presented with:-

issue issue

issue issue

issue issue

issue issue

issue issue

Now what does this signify ? (answer at the bottom).

The table top puzzles also included crossword type descriptions of shop names, which most got right (have to make them harder).

Referring to my first paragraph above, I introduced a penalty system to ensure the smooth running of the competition. The members are quite at liberty to question my questions, but if they fail to convince me of my failings (as if?!), they would lose 5 points for their team. One spirited member came close to being a pioneer, but decided that caution was the better part of valour.

However, when in a history question I asked what ship was bombed by the RAF off the Cornish Coast in 1967, who would have thought that we had someone in the congregation who was actually there! Apparently it was the Fleet Air Arm that first went in with bombs, although the RAF did drop stuff on the Torrey Canyon during the mission, so no penalty incurred there (damn!).

History in future will have to be before 1900 to ensure no one in the assembly was there (although there are one or two who look as if they might disqualify that).

More fiendish mayhem next time.

Yours unrepentantly,


[answer to above puzzle – Tennis shoes, of course, get it, 10 issues!

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