Dear Debaters,

This month’s (first) group meeting was attended by “three wise men” (not including me of course) and an even wiser lady.

We started with the advertised programme of “The Law is an Ass”. Now how many of you knew that it is a slight miss-quote of Mr Bumble in Chapter 51 of Oliver Twist (look it up). We came to the conclusion that it was not so much the law that was an ass, but more the lawyers and judges that bring it into disrepute by their “underhand” actions. It should left to the jury to set down sentences to the guilty party, so that the public’s sense of “justice” would then be truly reflected.

We then moved on a “Tapas” of subjects. Seven pieces of paper were folded up, each with a statement to be discussed, to be picked up and read out by each participant.

The first to see the light of day was in respect of unemployment benefits and they should only be received by those who are willing to do some community work for them. The sort of work that is not being done now because of the cut-backs.

We then moved on to peaceful protesting even if they cause inconvenience. Most agreed that this should be permitted (horse whipping them is not allowed, apparently).

Next came climate change (used to be known as the next big freeze, then global warming). The panel was split on this one. Perhaps the hot air spouted by the pro-climate change camp could be reduced?

After that we had Greece. They should shut up and do what they are told if they want to stay in the Club.

No speed limit on European motorways was the following offering and this would be fine for those of us who have Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but for those normal mortals, no. Put the speed limit up a bit by all means though.

It’s too late for the UK to leave the EU, but renegotiating terms should be on the agenda, was our penultimate subject.

And we closed with Israel handing back the lands occupied after the Six Day War, but only if the surrounding states all recognised Israel and promised to be good and not invade again.

If anyone has a burning subject they would like to bring to the table, please let me know.

All the best,


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