Dear Quizzers,
As previously announced (and you would know if you were there), I was not presiding over the festivities this morning, but instead my learned colleague Roland Gillett. He announced that this was his punishment for arguing with the Quiz Master on a previous occasion and that punishment would befall any of those assemble who did the same! My thanks again to Roland for a Sterling effort.
Anyway I was reduced to the ranks and made up one of the four teams of five, a near record turnout though. We were assaulted with questions on the 1980’s (I was too young to remember anything that happen then), Politicians and Royalty (who cares who is sixth in line to the throne), Science(ish) (the Sun is bigger than you think) and good old General Knowledge. Also made available as a cerebral challenge were the ever favourite Dingbats and a list of twenty general knowledge questions, the answers of which all started with the letter “E”.
The chosen team names were “No Hopers”, “Brains Truss”, “4 of Us and 1 of Them” and the “Torrox Terrors”. It was a close run thing when you consider that between top and bottom there were only nine points and the First Place was shared between two teams.
Scores (not that it matters) were:
Brains Truss 69, No Hopers 70, with 4 of Us and 1 of Them and the Torrox Terrors both gaining 78 points!
I suggested a Tie Break, (as naturally I was on one of the top teams) but the Quiz Master had had enough by then and it was getting late and his ambulance was waiting.
Much fun was had by all, although I think I heard someone shout out from the back of the room, something like “Come back Roger, all is forgiven!”. And for the benefit of one of my team members, the Beaufort Scale does not start with “doh, ray, me, far, so, etc”.
Back to me next time I’m afraid (if you have nothing better to do). Reminder in due course, or you could always look at the Events Calendar.
Best wishes,
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