Important reminder and Information

Dear Membership,


First of all, I refer you to my email of 23rd September 2011 in respect of our new fee structure and the introduction of the new Joining Fee, both taking effect on the 1st January 2012.


This is a reminder of the new fees applicable next year and the concession given to those members who can’t renew during the months of January and February.


Article 9 (b) of our Constitution allows members a two months’ “grace period” within which to pay their subscriptions before they lose their membership. After that they would then have to be considered “New Members” again and be liable for the new Joining Fee of 8€. An existing member can not “elect” to be a member for just part of a year; it is all or nothing.


However, for those of us who are here in Spain for most of the year, there should be no problem in “paying your dues” within the two month “grace period”, but it is acknowledged that not all our members live here full time and may therefore fall foul of the rules and be liable for the new Joining Fee of 8€ plus the (albeit) reduced membership fee, if rejoining after the end of February.


With this in mind, if you find you will not be in the area during the months of January and February; to avoid letting your membership slip, you must email our Web site by the last day of February at the latest (and next year you have an extra day in which to do so) to confirm when you will next be in the area and also to show your commitment by promising to pay your subscription of 12€ as soon as possible on your return (thereby avoiding the new joining fee).


Secondly, our next General Meeting will be on the 11th January 2012 (formal notice will be given in due course) and we request that as many members as possible attend so that their renewals can be dealt with at that time and their 2012 Membership Cards can be handed to them. The new Membership form for 2012 can be seen on our Web site.


Thirdly, those of you who have been members for over a year will be aware of the previous changes in group meeting dates over the Easter and Christmas holiday period. A “jump” of a week in the scheduling was made so that members did not miss out on a group meeting if it happens to fall on a “Holy Day”. This could work well if all group meetings were the same number of days apart, but some are two weekly, others monthly and a few four weekly. There would eventually be chaos! So it was decided that there would no longer be a “break” in the schedule, but instead the group meetings would carry on with their existing intervals throughout the year and if a group meeting falls on a Holy Day, then it would be up to the Group Leader’s discretion to cancel or otherwise. The “Events Calendar” therefore now shows the group meetings until the end of 2012. Any changes will be shown on it as and when necessary.


Fourthly, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Roger Martinez




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