Painting Group and Singing Group

The Painting Group and Singing Group joined forces for a Xmas Lunch get together on Wednesday, 7th December, and we totalled 22 .  Some Members brought their other halves, and others came singly.  It was held at La Plata Restaurante, in Benajarafe, where the Painting Group meets on a fortnightly basis, and they laid on a splendid 4 course lunch, with a glass of wine/water, for 12 euros.  Everyone said their food was lovely – salad to start, then a choice of soup – lovely cream of tomato with extra cream, and  either a Fish mixture, or Pork Escalope for the main and homemade sweet – flan, or ice cream, or orange, for dessert.  We were all very full when finished, anyway, after a couple of hours.
I read out a Xmas funny poem, in a mixture of English and Spanish, very cleverly written – about The night before Christmas, and got a hearty round of applause for my efforts.  Then we tried to sing Jingle Bells, which was a laugh!  All in all, a very sociable event and it rounded off the end of the year for both Groups.  The Painting Group restarts on the 4th January, ll am – l pm as usual, and the Singing Group on the 9th January , at the Parquesol Hotel, El Morche at 11am until l pm.
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