Quiz Group

Dear Quizzers,

We had an increased turnout for our end of year session of “I have nothing better to do on  Friday mornings” with 21 attendees (including some guests). The teams were split unequally (in numbers and as it turned out, intellect) with two teams of 6, one of 5 and one of 4.

The team names were not always chosen with much imagination; indeed the team called “Shush!” (5 members) got it’s name because I had to shush them into silence whilst trying to address the rest of the congregation. The other teams were “3 of Us, 2 of Them” (6), “Brisamar” (4) and “Jokers” (6).

We started the proceedings with 20 film quotes from the 1970’s and judging by the average points scored (7), either they did not go out to the cinema in the 1970’s or have never watch an “old” film on TV. They were all famous quotes from classic films such as Jaws, The Godfather, Rocky and Taxi Driver, (You talkin to me?).

Next came Food and Drink and I’m surprised that not everyone knew that a “Methuselah” contains 6 litres or 8 bottles of Champagne (no yuppies in the assembled throng then?). One team thought the green horseradish of Japan was called “Wanabe” (it’s Wasabi) so not Sushi fans then?

After that we had a round called “Things Spanish” which included such questions as “How old is King Juan Carlos and in which city was he born”. This threw a few people as he is “only” 73 and was born in Rome. Another semi-trick question was “in which city would you find the famous Spanish Steps”, they are of course in Rome. Not many members knew that the first Roman Emperor to be born in Spain was Trajan (no classics readers then?).

The last round was all about “Christmas Stuff”. Like the first charity Christmas card was produced by UNICEF in 1949 and that James Pierpont composed Jingle Bells (or One Horse Open Sleigh) in 1857.

In addition to the above I provided three “Table Top Puzzles” of 10 questions each for the member’s merriment (or migraines). Of course we had some Dingbats, but also Letters & Numbers (9 P in the S S = 9 Planets in the Solar System) and Sweets N’ Chocs (Little wobbly infants = Jelly Babies).

As for the scores, well Shush! were in last place with 65.5 (still too much chatting maybe?), in third place were 3 of Us, 2 of Them with 69.5, then came Jokers (trades’ description violation?) with 80.5, but just beating them with only four members and 82 points were Brisamar! Well done! (two of them were ringers who are members of the U3A in the UK though and probably pub quiz champions).

Anyway, that’s all for another year, so Seasonal Greetings to you all and hope to see you in the New Year (assuming I don’t win the lottery).


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