Petanque Group

We had an excellent turnout for the last Petanque Group meeting of 2011. Despite the chilly feel and windy conditions, there was no rain and 11 hardy souls formed into two teams (this is not strictly according to the rules!) for an end of year showdown. The game is normally played as a singles, doubles or triples match, but this was to be a special (fun) epic.Two large teams were selected by a random process  (6 versus 5) with each team having 15 boules at their disposal.

The first end, after all 30 boules had been played gave the President’s team just one point. Play continued with remarkably slow progress on the scoring front until the opposition had a break and took the lead.

The winners are the first team to achieve 13 points. The President’s team gallantly fought back to an 11 : 11 score.

Time was pressing, throats were getting dry so a final “push” was needed. One more end of play saw the Presidents team gain those vital two points and victory. With no time for another game, let alone best of three they were declared the winners and we all retired to the clubhouse (Tanit Bar/Restaurant).

Winners and losers medals were handed out (and promptly opened and eaten) and we all agreed that it had been a good match.

New members to the group are always welcome. Every Monday 3pm at the lighthouse, Torre del Mar (not July and August)

Roland Gillett

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