Walking Group

Walking Group
Walk through the Maro gorge – 20/01/2012
We had another well attended walk yesterday with 23 people and 7 dogs (who definitely enjoyed themselves.)
We also welcomed some visitors and enrolled one new member.
The walk was a circular one and involved some effort to cross the rough and stony paths into the gorge but was worth it, I hope, for the peace and tranquility amongst
the eucalyptus and pine trees, the juniper and the rosemary.
We stopped for a drink half way before scrambling up the mule track to the path which led back to the start point at the Nerja caves.
It was downhill all the way then, with some wonderful mountain views across acres of pine forest.
A large dog fox was spotted on the path near the end of the route which caused some excitement.
One person kindly pointed out that I should remind people of the annual influx of the processional caterpillars which are a dangerous hazard particularly to animals,
so please be aware if you are walking through country with an abundance of pine trees. There was evidence that the nesting season has started.  
The walk took approx. 3 hours with a couple of small diversions because in spite of doing a reccy I missed the turnings, so thanks for everyone’s patience. 
We ended with a drink and tapas at a nearby restaurant.
The next walk will be led by Verner and Riitta. We look forward to seeing you all soon.   
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