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Dear Quizzers,


Well, what can I say? I was greeted with a number of members wearing intriguing badges. Closer inspection revealed that the badges contained a picture of me (quite flattering actually), each one with a different caption. They eluded to the fact that in three separate photos of me taken last year I happen to be wearing the same checked shirt and the badges had captions such as “Don’t Get Shirty”, Checks Exchanged here”, “Security Check” and “This is not my only shirt” adorning them. That particular shirt is in fact my favourite; nuff said!


Now, my attempted of raising the overall scores for this session of general ignorance, did not take account how much time some people were going to take in actually cogitating and trying to work out the answers to the questions (who’d a’thought?).


Anyway, we mustered 15 members (including a recent and a new member, both new to the quiz mornings). I managed to persuade the assembled to form four teams (for purposes of Round Four, the “Inter-Active Experience”, really), which meant that we had three teams of four and one team of three. The team names were “The Boatmen” (it also contained two ladies), “Blue, Not Black Shirts” (enough on the shirts already!), “Bounced Check” (again with the check shirt!) and “Witch’s Coven” (four ladies who were making dinner in the corner, well they were stirring a cauldron anyway).


So, Round One contained 105 possible points and all the teams played their Joker to double their points. However, with scores of 66, 62, and two 82’s, this did not work well as they should have been closer to the 200 mark. The questions were not that difficult. Like what is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotto’s stage name and which song with “Home” in the title contains the line “the old home town” ? The round took twice as long as I had estimated and so we had to have our break at nearly 1pm and we usually end proceedings at about 1pm anyway! One lady decided enough was enough and left (although I understand she did really have a pressing engagement).


The bell sounded, seconds out, Round Two; People and Places. For example, who won a libel case against the Daily Mirror in 1959 after they alleged that he was homosexual? And who was Josef Dzhugashvili? Then Round Three with “The Romans” and what did the Romans call Hibernia and what is the Roman equivalent of the Greek God Apollo? These rounds had to be rushed through and we still did not have time for the “Inter-Active Experience”, which must now be left until next time (hurrah! I heard, either because the assembled were not going to be tortured any more that morning, or they were looking forward to the new venture at our next meeting – . I think I know which is more likely).


Only two Table Top Puzzles this month (10 questions on each). One on Numbers & Letters and the other on old TV ads.


The scores: in fourth place with 96 points (but with only 3 team members, so commendable ) Blue, Not Black Shirts. Third place went to The Boatmen with 117 points. Runners up were Bounced Check with 121 points, but just pipping them to the post were Witch’s Coven with 124 points – well done and with only three members after the break (black magic?).


If you are interested in the answers to the above questions, they are:-

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotto is Lady Gaga.

The Old home town is from Green Green Grass of Home.

Liberace sued the Daily Mirror and won in 1959.

Hibernia was the Roman name for Ireland

The Roman name for the God Apollo is Apollo (they shared the same name).


Until next time,



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