Book Club

Hello Everyone,
Sorry for not being in touch as frequently as I should have, but as you know we have moved house, pass me the white wine. Anyway lots to tell you.


Since we have moved, we have discovered a bar in Penoncillo, not that we are frequentors of bars, purely for research reasons you understand. It is called Casa de Rosa on the left hand side going towards Nerja, great conservatory. What do you think?. Any of you who come by bus, we could pick you up at Torrox bus station. Let me know as soon as possible, please.


I am pleased to report that Maddy has had her long awaited hip operation and is out of hospital and on the road to recovery. It has been nice to see Liz & Beryl out and about again after their illnesses, I admire both of them for their courage & determination. I was sorry to hear that Pamela had had a nasty fall and had hurt her back, I have no updates, but wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her soon. Our Wendy has had her operation and starts her Radiotherapy tomorrow, ALL OUR THOUGHTS ARE WITH HER  XXXX

To all of you, love and kisses.


Well what can I say??  Roland, Vice President of the WHOLE KIT & KABOOBLE, obviously has FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES. Thanks to him, I now have several copies of ALL OUR BOOKS for 2012. Whew, we are your number 1-25 fans. THANK YOU.


As we have discussed, this year it is going to flexible, read what you like and report back, but we have suggestions for your delectation, if you wish to take any of them up. they are:-

The Shadow of the Wind   Carlos Ruis Zafon
Engleby                            Sebastian Faulks
Labyrinthe                        Kate Mosse
One Day                           David Nicholls
Ethan Frome                     Edith Wharton

I have copies of all of them, if you wish to read any. Any further suggestions always welcome.

Cheerio for now,


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