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Dear Quizzers,

I try and think up different themes for the quizzes from time to time; some work, other don’t. We all learn by our mistakes and if that were the case, why do I still do this?

This month’s venture into the surreal world of what purports to be “knowledge”, found us reeling on more than one occasion, but I digress.

We started with fewer members than I would have liked, but enough to make up four teams (ideal for Round Four) of four each (when they eventually all arrived – it does start at 11am you know!). The team names this time were, “Sugar and Spices” (God help us!), “Intelligentsia” (oxymoron?), “3 of Us and 1 of Them” (no imagination?) and the “Terrible Trio” (yes, I know there were four of them, but to be fair, they started with three, although the latecomer made no difference).

Anyway, to kick off, I decided to give them all the “UK Citizen Test”. Not something made up by me, but in fact the Government test everyone can take on the internet to see if one would qualify as a UK Citizen. There were 24 questions, ranging from how many Parliamentary Constituencies are there: 464, 564, 646 or 664, to how many days must a school be open: 150 days a year, 170 days, 190 days or 200 days. (answers below). There were some Irish in the congregation (but they can vote in UK elections if resident in the UK (go figure?) and at least one Scotsman, so allowances can be made, but the outcome was that only two teams got more than the pass mark of 18 correct answers and can therefore be allowed to return to the UK.

Next came our old favourites, the “Connections” Round. Two parts of nine questions and the tenth asking what connects all the other answers, such as who in show business are Cyril Mead and Edward McGuinness better known as and which famous queen killed herself with an asp? (answers below).

After the break, I though I would allow an element of “Guess-manship” to enter the proceedings with facts and figures on the theme of “Chips”. Well, this went down like a sack of potatoes. It would appear from the assembled, that they didn’t care how many tonnes of chips are cooked in Britain, nor which famous celebrities served fish and chips at their wedding. So we shan’t be doing that one again (you try something new and that’s the thanks you get…………they laughed at Michaelangelo too!).

The “piece de resistance” was my version of “Block Busters”. I called it “Diamond Destroyers” © , because that’s the shape it had to be to work. Followers of these reports will remember that it was to be “unveiled” at our last meeting, but time was against us and the throng only got a “taster” of it on this occasion, as again we were running behind schedule. We started about a half hour late due to late arrivals, including one member who only remembered where he should be as he was driving to Nerja! The object of the exercise for this game was to work yourself across the board by answering correctly (out loud) general knowledge questions and thereby “owning a diamond” and trying to reach “Home”. We only had time to proceed until the first team reached the middle diamond and the “Know it Alls” (that should be their team name) managed it despite my tongue tied antics (exhausted after three meetings the previous day – even if I do like the sound of my own voice).

I shan’t reveal the scores out of deference to sportsmanship (one team left their brains at the door – they know who they are) and anyway it is better to take part than win (yeh, right!). Suffice it to say, the usual suspects won again, but failed at being British, although this will not bar them from attending again.

Answers: 646 Parliamentary Constituencies, Schools must be open at least 190 days, Cyril Mead and Edward McGuinness are Little and Large (connection, Sizes) and Cleopatra killed herself with an asp (connection “Carry on Cleo – Carry On films).

Hasta la vista,



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