History Group First Meeting

Dear Fellow History Group Members,

Just to recap on what decisions were made at the history group when we met on Tuesday the 6th. It was decided that meetings should take place on the first Tuesday of each month so our next meeting will be on the 3rd April. It was also decided that we should go on “field” trips every two months (or so) to visit historical places close to where we live and the first trip will be on the 17th April to Almuñecar and that we should go on the bus. I understand the bus is a bus from Granada (and not Alsa) and I therefore need to confirm bus times etc unfortunately this bus does not go to the Torre del Mar bus station so anyone coming from that area would need to get the bus fromthe Nerja bus station.

It was also decided that each person should pick a subject which they wish to study and talk about in the meetings, however it is not obligatory it is only for those who wish to and no one need worry if they chose not to. For our next meeting Sue Harrison is going to talk about the “Role of Woman in Spain in the last 100 years” which should be very interesting, Helen Fulton is going to talk about “Black Douglas in Teba”, Valerie Lawrence the “Middle Ages”, Moy Hussein the “Caliphates”, Ian Murray “Blas Infante”, Marion Gavin the “History of Sayalonga” Paul Hanaway is going to talk about the performance of “Concierto de Aranez” and Glenna Murray is going to talk about the “History of Wine” and hopefully Glenna will be bringing us plenty of samples to try out!! I do know that Maggie Silwood is also going to talk about the “History of Flamenco” so we have plenty to be going on with. I will carry on down the historical route discussing next the Mesolithic and Neolithic era which will then bring us on to the Phoenician’s and written history.

My Apologies to Andrew and Linda who did not receive my email and therefore did not attend the meeting.

It was great to meet and I look forward to meeting you all again at the next meeting on the 3rd of April,
Kind regards,

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