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Dear Quizzers,

Regular devotees of my quiz reports will already know that from time to time I like to inject a little variation into the form of the quizzes, just to keep the members on their toes. Some work, most don’t. However I have persevered through the various “sling and arrows of outrageous fortune” that greet some of my innovative speculations into the realms of asking questions in a novel way (how about clear and concise, I hear you say – although I would not be able to hear you if one of this morning’s teams was also present – more on that later).
Finally, I managed to set before the assembled throng a proper “test” of my new game “Diamond Destroyers ©” (a sort of Block Busters for the more discerning quiz enthusiast).
This game requires four teams, North, South, East and of course, West. A larger turn out than I expected graced me with their presence, so we managed three teams of four and one of five. The object of the exercise is to answer a general knowledge question put to just a team at a time and by answering correctly verbally, “secure” a diamond and move on likewise across the board to reach “Home”. North goes first then South and so on. Sounds simple and I had expected it be so, but the best laid schemes of small furry rodents and homo erectus etc…… Anyway, even the Wright Brothers had teething troubles with their first aeroplane and so to did my Brain Child (although calling them “teething troubles” is a bit like saying the Titanic had a damp problem).
We carried on until there was satisfactory conclusion, i.e. it was over and then had a break. The after break session was a little different in that there were four categories of questions to choose from, namely, History, Geography, Art & Literature and Entertainment. One regular suggested that any team be allowed to answer a question if the next team in turn gets the answer wrong, so all had to put up their hands and quickest wins the right to have a go as well. This version worked much better, although a sharp eye has to be kept out for who is the quickest on the draw (note to self, get eyes for back of head).
Some members had had enough after the break and went home to lie down, but the gluttons for punishment stayed on for round two. The teams were slightly altered with a member of team West joining team North so that they both ended up with three members. It was going so well until I forgot to keep quiet so that another team could answer a question that the first team got wrong. This happen a couple times, but to add insult to injury, I then forgot what team was answering the next question because with another team answering the question, it got out of sequence. (Why me?).
It did not help that Team East were made up of a coach party from the Anarchists’ Town Cryer’s Guild whose tactics were no doubt to ensure no one else could hear the questions. To be fair, in the after break session, they did behave themselves (mostly) as they too had to listen for the question which they may get a chance of answering (not that it made much of a difference).
So to the scores; in the first round N scored 6 points, S 4, E 6 and because W got to the middle diamond and got “Home” they got 17!   Now after the break (and the altering of teams) we had N with 17 points, S 5, E 8 and W 6. The totals, N and W equal first place with 23 points (one team member being the same person in each team!), E in third place with 13 points, with S bringing up the rear with 9 points.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Why do I bother?”. Well I’m not next time, Roland is! (May 4th).
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