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Dear All,

We we had a very interesting talk from Sue Harrison whose talk was entitled the “Role of Woman in Spanish Society” which sparked off an interesting debate with comparisons to the role of woman in the UK and after that Sue decided that her next talk would “comparing three generations in the UK and Spain” We were fortunately to have Andrew Henbest who joined us for the first time and who introduced us to Richard Ford and gave us an interest talk on Richard Ford´s book

 An introduction to Richard Ford (b.1796) Handbook for Travellers in Spain 4th edition published by John Murray 1869.
He also brought three books in for us to have a look at which was very interesting as they were at least 170 years old.
I am sorry I was unable to continue with my talk on the Mesolithic and Neolithic period as I had been on a tour of Andalucia and unfortunately had caught some sort of virus along the way, so many thanks both to Sue and also to Andrew for their interesting contributions.
For the trip the bus leaves Nerja at 09.45am and takes about an hour to get to Almunecar. So anyone traveling by car should meet us at the bus station in Almunecar at c10.45am. Would people kindly confirm if they are coming or not so that we do not wait around at the bus station for you. The date of the trip is the 17th April!
Kind regards,
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