History Trip To Almuñecar

We set off from the Nerja bus station at 9.45am to make our way to Almunecar to visit the towns historical sites arriving at the bus station at 10.20am – somewhat earlier than stated – and unfortunately missed Andrew and Linda (not accidently on purpose – honest!) who were travelling by car. After coffee and after I had been down to the bus station to see if I could see Andrew and Linda we made our way to the small but fascinating museum where they have artifacts dating from the Bronze, Phoenician, Roman eras on display as well as a beautiful Egyptian vase dating from the 17th century BC. After spending an enjoyable half an hour there we then made our way to the fortress – which dates back to Roman times and spent a pleasant hour or so wandering around and having our photographs taken and also thankfully bumped into Andrew and Linda inside the small museum there. We then made our way down to the fish paste factory and walked across the bridge taking note of the Roman steps and the temple dedicated to Minerva the Roman goddess. We then walked through the botanical gardens down to the tourist office situated in a beautiful building with lovely gardens. We then left the tourist office to go down to see the statue of Abd al-Rahman I (who was the founder of the Umayya Emirate of Córdoba – who apparently landed in Alumnecar in 755) to pay our respects we then made our way to the Lute Y Jesus restaurant and had lunch and on our way back to the bus station visited the Roman Aqueduct and baths before catching the 4.15pm bus back to Nerja!
Hasta Pronto,
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