Dear All,

We had an interesting but somewhat depleted history group meeting on the 11th May. As Moy was unable to attend Andrew very kindly stepped in and brought in some very interesting books and introduced the group to George Borrow (5/7/1803 – 26/7/1881), a linguist and traveller, with an overview of the books he wrote and in particular his book ‘The Bible in Spain’ (1842) which is a travelogue about his time in Spain in the 1830’s when he worked for the Bible Society distributing the Gospels in Spain, a fascinating and informative read about C19. Spain. Because it was a bit noisy as another large group were also having a meeting there I postponed my talk on the Mesolithic period and Sue came up with some interesting topics that had made the news recently which then lead on to other more historical events. In short we had a very lively chat.

We also discussed where we would go next on our Historical visits and have decided to go to Malaga city in September but will sort out which sites to visit before that date as there were lots of suggestions.

Because I will not be here in July Andrew has very kindly agreed to “lead” the group for this month so that the group can continue with talks and discussions in my absence.

Our next talk will be on the 5th June and Paul is going to discuss the history of The history of the composition for classical guitar and orchestra by the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo the wonderful “Concierto de Arenjuez” and Paul will not only bring in a DVD played so that we can hear the piece Paul is also going to bring in his guitar so that we can hear him play as well – a treat not to be missed -! I will also continue down the historical pre-history route with a talk on the Mesolithic period! however I had better go first as stone age man will be a bit of a “belly flop” after listening to such an exquisite piece of music.

Best Regards and see you all soon,
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