Quiz Group

Dear Quizzers,

We had a modest turnout for this month’s first Quiz (there is another due 29th June), no doubt due to the others still licking their wounds after Roland’s painful questions last month. We managed to sport just three teams (two of 4 and a team of 5 members).

I decided to be easy on you all with rounds on Faiths, What Year was That?, Drink, Anagram and Triple Words. Plus some table top puzzles consisting of the compulsory two Dingbats (one on the Olympics and the other on things Royal – topical see?) and a challenge to TV advert memory (for the record the answer to “Come on! Be a super shaker” is “Nesquick” and not “Shake ‘n’ Vac”!

Anyway, the Faith questions such as “The Adi Granth is the holy book of which faith” did not produce the result one would have hoped (despite divine intervention) and the teams fared even worse when it came down to “Name that Year” and the “Charge of the Light Brigade”. Everyone did much better on the round of drinks, sorry the “Drinks” round (go figure?) and even better in the shorter “Anagram” and Triple Word” round, where the first was just general knowledge, with the first letter of each of the first nine answers making up the letters of a word, the clue of which was “Not a old fortress”, Easy, even without the letters. The “Triple Words” were answers that had the same word three times such as Abba’s song “Money, Money, Money”.

It was close between third and second place with 84 and 86 respectively, but the out and out winners achieved a score of 96! Well done.

By the way the Adi Granth is the holy book of Sikhism and the Charge if the Light Brigade was in 1854 (but then you knew that, didn’t you?). Newcastle was the easy answer to the Anagram.

Next meeting due 29th June, but I’ll canvass response first as there may be a lot of people away, which will affect the type of meeting/quiz.

Hasta la vista,


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