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Dear Quizzers,

Dedicated followers of the Quiz Group will know that I occasionally lapse into the realms of fantasy (could be the drink or drugs – Lucozade and Sanatogen) and what would seem a good quizzing wheeze in the mind, becomes a nightmare in the cold sober daylight. I’m referring to my version of “Eggheads”!

Please look out for Streetwise this July (page 48 – I think) and you will see a few words by me on the subject of our Quiz Group. I expressed the hope in that article of producing my version of Eggheads, if I could get 20 members interested. The idea was for there to be a knock-out competition with four teams (winners playing each other and losers likewise for 3rd and 4th places), however, I did not really think it through – there won’t be one!

At this time of year there may be other more pressing commitments on our short hours so I asked the quiz group members (by email) who would be interested in showing up on the 29th June. Ten confirmed, so I thought, Great! I’ll do a shorter version of what I envisaged many months ago. Little did I know what would be involved. It seemed easy to begin with as it was only five rounds of three questions each and maybe a couple of “Tie Breakers” just in case. I calculated that we would have time for one game from 11am (when we are supposed to start) and 12 noon, break time, with another after the break until home time at 1pm. What I didn’t count up was how many questions would be needed until I got stared. Well, I’ll save you the trouble; 100!

Some members may well believe that all it takes is printing off a few sheets from the internet. God! If only! No, each question must be able to have two other answers and then one has to think up plausible answers for them which took longer that the real answers. Not to mention researching each question to ensure the answer given is correct (just as well my study has padded walls!).

So, we had 13 members attend and although the game was designed just for ten, with the help of one “drop-out” and some improvisation we managed two teams of six (some members were actually enthusiastic!). The rounds were Geography, History, Art & Literature, Science & Nature and General Knowledge. For those of you not familiar with the game, the Challengers can choose with whom to play against from the Eggheads’ team in their “head to head”. There is one question at a time with three possible answers, one of which is correct and there were some clever guesses and a few without hesitation correct answers. In the TV show, the contestants are encouraged to think out loud so that the audience can visualise how they are thinking. In my version one just listened to the whirr of the cogs going round.

For those of you who could not make the “Event of the Year”, here are a few tasters:


What did Lewis Waterman invent:-

A. The Hydraulic Drill B. The Diving Suit C. the Fountain Pen

Where are the Haversian Canals:-

A. on Mars B. in Holland C. in the bones

What British spy novelist wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:-

A. John Le Carre B. Ian Fleming C. John Buchan

How many continents are there:-

A. 5. B. 6. C. 7

Playing cards were cut to decide which team would be Eggheads first and then after the break the other team took on that mantle. As in the TV show, the Eggheads won each game, but as they were different teams each time, it was a draw.

I’ll be back with the more traditional format next time (due date 27th July) and I already have been asked to include a “Food and Drink” round.

Hasta le vista,

Answers: 1.- C, 2. – C, 3. – B, 4. – C.

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