Dear Quizzers,

Last Friday saw the end of season session with twenty participants (the next one will be in September – no August meeting). Three contestants were first timers (non-members) who threw themselves into the proceedings with gay abandon (the original meaning of course).

We achieved two teams of five, one of six and another of just four members and their respective team names were “5 Rings” (Olympic theme?), “Emerald” (name of a cruise ship apparently), “The Witches” (they were all ladies) and the “Camposinos” (they live out there somewhere).

In addition to three table top puzzles, comprising of a military themed Dingbats, 20 number and letter puzzles and 35 cryptic clues to chocolates, I presented them with rounds on Food & Drink, Something Fishy, The Olympics and Call My Bluff.

For some strange reason, some members were actually interested in the correct answers to the questions and any “discretion” on my part was seen as a sign of weakness as if one point could make any difference (it did as it happens). I had to resort to the “it’s not what I have written here” gambit (a whip and a chair would have been better). I assailed them with questions such as “what is the main ingredient in the Indian sauce Dopiazaia? and what is a Goeduck? Also in what other years has London hosted the summer Olympics and is Adnyamathanha  A. a Tibetan holy place, B. an Aboriginal language or C. a Bolivian poncho type shawl? (answers at the bottom).

The Camposinos were at a disadvantage and to add insult to injury there were only four of them, so even though they acquitted themselves well, not surprisingly they came bottom, but it was a close run thing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 5 Rings did very well with five in their team with a score of 106, as did Emerald who came second with 107 points, also with five in their team, but the winners with 108 points were the Witches, although they must feel that it was really a hollow victory as there were six in their team and at least one has supernatural powers.

The answers to the above mentioned questions (if you are interested) are:

The main ingredient in Dopiazaia is onion, in fact it means double onion.

Geoduck is a clam.

London hosted the summer Olympics in 1948 (as most people knew) and also in 1908 (it was supposed to be in Rome, but Mount Vesuvius erupted in 1906 and so they moved it to London).

Adnyamathanha is an Aboriginal language.

As I mentioned at the meeting, I shall be changing the intervals of future meetings (starting in September) from every four weeks to once a month. I have decided that the first Friday in the month can work well (no clashes) and therefore the September meeting will fall on the 7th September.

Hasta la vista,


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