Dear Quiz Members, 

Last Friday was our first day of “Term” after the “Hols” and whilst there were a lot of boys and girls back, some of our regular star pupils were absent, no doubt having an extended break. We attracted fourteen in total, including the “significant other” of one member and a soon to join up new member. There was one loyal member who has managed to achieve a record in his own right, not by accumulating the most or least points in the season, but by just turning up on each of our quiz meetings from and including October 2011 up to and including our September 2012 meeting, thereby winning the virtual accolade of the “Nothing Better to do on a Friday Morning” Trophy.


There were three teams on this occasion. Two of four and one of six members. The answers sheets require the teams to put an inspired team name of their choice on the top next to where it states “Team Name”. We had G.A.M.M. (the initials of the team members), The Camposinos from the middle of nowhere (you may remember they came fourth last time as there were only four of them then, but this time they came mob handed with six) and lastly a team of four gentlemen that decided to call themselves “Team Name”, because they couldn’t think of anything else? The fact that three of the members had the same first name didn’t make any difference, (Oh well!).


I decided to ease the members in gently for their first quiz after the summer break and taunt them with questions on “Elections & Stuff”, “Around Europe”, “Invention” and “Paintings & Sculptures”. There were of course some table top puzzles to keep them from getting bored such as Dingbats on the subject of weddings, cryptic clues to names of shops & restaurants and strap lines from TV adverts. It was clear from one teams’ efforts that they only watch the BBC channels and never go out to shops or restaurants.


As far as the normal rounds were concerned, we had questions such as “What was the name of a future MP who failed to win Dartford for the Tories in 1950 and 1951”, “Which country, whose capital is Vaduz, has no armed forces”, “Which rubber-based product was patented in the USA in 1869” and “Who painted the “Blue Boy” and “Mr & Mrs Andrews”” (answers at the bottom).


Now the Camposinos were in the lead after the four rounds and had only to keep their lead with the table top puzzles to win and thereby get their revenge for the last quiz’s disappointing result, but their lack of knowledge in the TV adverts let them down (see above) and they were push into second place.


The final scores: G.A.M.M. in third place with 69 points, Camposinos 72 points and the winners with 79 points were Team Name! (they could have just left the name blank).


I have mentioned in the past that if any member wishes to take on a round of questions or indeed a whole morning’s session, they are more than welcome to. A word of advice though; apart from the heckling (which is always part of the fun), all questions/answers must be thoroughly researched to avoid any embarrassing “challenges” that come up from time to time (try not to let it put you off). Please let me know if you wish to put your head into the lion’s mouth?


For the beneift of one member’s enquiry in respect of the first motorway; Italy was the first country in the world to start building motorways, i.e., fast roads, reserved for motor vehicles. This was the “Milano-Laghi Autostrade” connecting Milan to Varese and started in 1921.

The Answers to the above posed questions (if anyone is interested) are:

  1. The MP’s name was Margaret Roberts (she didn’t become Thatcher until she married in December 1951).
  2. The country with the capital Vaduz is Liechtenstein.
  3. The rubber-based product was the chewing gum (and not the condom as some members thought).
  4. Gainsborough painted “The Blue Boy” and “Mr & Mrs Andrews”.

Hasta la vista,



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