U3A – Important Membership Information

Email to membership September 2012

U3A El Morche – Important Membership Information

Dear Members,

First of all, it has come to my attention that a few members may receive my/U3A emails in their “Spam Box” instead of their “In Box”. To ensure that you do not miss out on some announcement or other which could affect your membership, would you please check your Spam Box (before deleting the lot!) from time to time? This is now mentioned on the “Home” page of our web site. Obviously, if you do not check your Spam Box, you will be none the wiser and that is why this message will also appear on our Web site “News” page.

Secondly, whilst we currently have 118 members, we have noted that only about a third ever respond to communications about our Association or attend general meetings.

We appreciate that not all members live in Spain for the majority of the year and it is for this reason that (although membership renewal fees must be paid by the end of February in accordance with our Constitution), we have previously provided an extension of a few months to allow members to pay their fees late when they return and thereby avoid their memberships lapsing.  Does this practice need to continue?

The fact that not all members live here in Spain for the majority of the year also affects attendances to group meetings and general meetings. In order to better manage our Association for the benefit of members it would be of great assistance if we knew how many of our members actual do live in Spain for the majority of the year. We may be able to better catered for these members and the outcome of this request for information could have a bearing on future activities.

For this reason, would you please be kind enough to let us know as soon as possible, (by using the “Contact Us” page on our web site) how many months of the year do you live in Spain for?  All information is of course kept confidential.

Thank you in anticipation,

Roger Martinez


Webmaster says that it might help if every member had the U3A  and the Presidents email address in their address book. This would probably stop them being rejected as spam. ( the same applies for any other address that you may have in your private lives that may go missing).

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