Singing Group

Singing Group

I am pleased to report that we welcomed a new member into the Group this month and in total there were 5 singers.  Taking into account that some people let me know that they would be in the UK/would not be back from the UK in time for the October meeting, this number is encouraging and I believe we should have 8 or 9 singers going forward.

This time we sang a wide variety of songs ranging from songs from musicals, well known folk songs and country and western music, as well as a Spanish song which was the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest entry in 1977.  We did not know it was the Eurovision Song Contest Entry until one of the staff at Parquesol heard us and came and played it on her iPhone for us – it is by a group called Mocedades (should anybody wish to listen to it on YouTube)!

Our homework for next session is to listen to the old folk song “Westering Home” on YouTube because we all thought we knew it but when we started to sing it we fell about laughing when we realised we had all – to a man (or woman!) – been singing the music to The Skye Boat Song!  Don’t worry if you don’t think this is very funny – you really had to be there!!

Our next session will be on Monday 5 November 2012 – usual time – 11 am at the Parquesol, El Morche.  Should anybody feel like trying out their singing voices they would be most welcome to come along.

Hasta luego!


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