Walking for Isobelle


Our granddaughter, Isobelle Henbest, is 15 months old and has an as yet undiagnosed condition which is preventing her from learning how to crawl, stand or walk. She can roll around with the best of them though!  We don’t know what the future holds for Isobelle but we want to ensure that she leads as fulfilling a life as possible. Isobelle has a special seat (which she is modelling below), which is designed to help strengthen her muscles to eventually allow her to sit unaided; she also has a seat for the bath.


She has now been measured for a standing frame. Its aim is to help her muscles develop the strength to stand and eventually walk.  There are a number of other children in the Calderdale Paediatric Therapy Unit who need these frames and with only a limited budget to pay for them, not all the children will get a frame as quickly as they need them. 


We aim to help raise the money needed to buy Isobelle’s frame, freeing up funds to allow the other children to get theirs quicker.  Any extra money raised will be used to buy equipment which Isobelle and other children using the Calderdale Paediatric Therapy Unit will need in the future.


To see the frames, please go to: www.leckey.com/products/squiggles-stander


As well as the various sponsored activities being organised by Isobelle’s Mum & Dad in England, Grandma & Grandad in Spain (Andrew and Linda Henbest) are doing a sponsored walk up La Maroma in the Tejeda Mountain Range at the end of October/beginning of November, the day being dependent on the weather.  If you are able to donate towards the standing frames for Isobelle and the other children, any amount would be most gratefully accepted.  If you are an experienced walker and would like to join Andrew on his walk up La Maroma, please let him know at:



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