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A walk up La Maroma by Isobelle’s Grandad

There are currently 7 children in Calderdale, including Isobelle, who need standing frames to strengthen their legs so that they can eventually walk.  Please see full details on the following page plus a link for the standing frames.  The Paediatric Therapy Unit have a £7,000 budget for these frames so they have a substantial shortfall. Isobelle’s frame will cost £1,315.

Andrew Henbest, Isobelle’s Grandad, is walking up La Maroma (6,786 feet), in the hope of helping to raise enough money to pay for Isobelle’s standing frame thus enabling all the other children to get their frames too.  Any money collected over and above that needed for these frames will be used by the Paediatric Therapy Unit for other equipment which will be needed now and in the future.

If you are able to sponsor Andrew on his walk up La Maroma, please insert your name below and e-mail the form back to : lindahenbest@hotmail.com or telephone 618 241 552. We will then contact you after the walk to arrange to collect your donation.  Many thanks.

Thank you – Andrew & Linda Henbest (Isobelle’s Grandparents)




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