Quiz Group

Dear Quizzers,

We did have enough participants for four team of four, but the assembled decided on one team of six and two teams of five. I was looking forward to this month’s team name of the group of gentlemen that on previous outings have chosen names of “Team Name” and “Answer Sheet” as they seemed to lack inspiration. Yesterday’s nom de plume was “I am a Diphead” (5 members). Very amusing and a potential source of further merriment when the time comes round for me to announce the results.

Anyway, the other teams were our old favourites “The Camposinos” with the help of a couple of visitors (6) and “The Coven” (5) who readers will remember, usually win (they are called the Coven, coincidence?) . We had rounds on Hobbies & Leisure (What is Numismatics?), Wine (What is a crate of 12 bottles of wine called?), Living World (How many wings does a flea have) and Call My Bluff (PIROGUE – is it A. a long narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk, or B. a medieval torch or C. a seed drill?). I also included three table top puzzles comprising of 20 cryptic Singer/Band Names, such as “Several raincoats found in a cemetery”, 20 TV Advert strap lines of recent times, such as “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking” and 14 of the faithful old Dingbats, such as “…..ENTURY”. These are well known words or sayings in a “pictorial form”.

I was challenged on various answers to questions, (despite hours of research) and I had to resort to the “that is not what I have written here” gambit. A number of members will look at the “letter” of the question rather than the “spirit” of the same. So be it. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

Now to the scores. As you may remember from above, one team chose an “amusing” name and so I had to reveal the results in the following fashion to avoid falling into their trap, viz……….” In third place with 86 points are the Camposinos. In first place with 103 points are the Coven and in second place with 101 points are the other team”.

For those interested in the answers to the above posed questions (why weren’t you at the quiz?):

Numismatics is the study and collection of currency (notes/coins).

A crate of 12 bottles of wine is called a “Case” (of course).

A flea does not have any wings. (Derrr)

PIROGUE is a long narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk. (who’d have though?)

The singer/band clue of “Several raincoats found in a cemetery” is Max Bygraves. (get it?)

“It takes a licking and keeps on ticking” is from the TV advert for Timex. (remember?)

The saying depicted by this “…..ENTURY” is “Long time, no see”. (Ouch!).

Hasta la vista,


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