Art Appreciation

Report of Art Appreciation Meeting
14 November 2012
Parquesol Restaurant El Morche
Picasso Unveiled
The DVD about Picasso was enjoyable and controversial.  The discussion after the DVD showed that we had all enjoyed the viewing.  We all were challenged by the material and wondered if cubism was really the product of a troubled mind.  We all adored Early Picasso and thought his clarity and perfect images were wonderful.
Does Cubism challenge the Old Masters or applaud them?  We really could not decide.  We did agree that cubic versions of the Old Masters were innovative but we on the whole preferred the original.  His later work is documented to be the product of an old, impotent man and for us the link was obvious.  We felt that his early nudes were a tribute to women and showed his love of the female form. However, we felt his later depictions were absolutely degrading to all women.
All in all, it was a very enjoyable meeting. We saw lots of new paintings and met some old favourites. Our awareness of various issues was raised and that’s the whole idea. Parquesol offered a very enjoyable lunch for a few who stayed after the meeting and we look forward to another lunch next month.
Next meeting is 12 December at 11 am.  Topic is the Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece, Pieter Brueger the Elder, “Census at Bethlehem”. If you are staying for lunch will you let me know so I can make a reservation.  Also would you like something Christmasy or just a menu del dia.

Salud Janice

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