The Petanque group met at Tanit restaurant, by the lighthouse in Torre del Mar for a Christmas lunch last Monday. The idea being to finish lunch in time for “normal” play afterwards. Fat Chance!

With 27 diners in our party – visiting friends and family joining in the festivities – it was quickly realised that the hour and a half allowed for lunch was never going to be enough! (Usual things, “I’m not sure what I ordered”, “oh yes that it mine – I think” etc. – you get the picture)
However, after a festive time, everyone having achieved three courses and having sorted their bills (mas o menos) a sufficiently large enough group of hardy players assembled on the piste for a match. Fourteen of the twenty seven felt up to hurling their boules.
Now normally teams of two or three a side play in a relatively orderly manner. However I felt that organising this, given that alcohol was likely to make it more difficult than usual, was not a great idea and settled for two teams of seven (not exactly in the rules but much easier)
Play started. First job, try and remember who is in your team! Fortunately by about the third end most of us realised who was on the same side, and anyway I was the only person keeping the score.
Well, we nearly finished one game before non-playing spectators, and some of the participants felt that the score really wasn’t too relevant and that it was time to call it a day. So, despite one team only needed one more point for victory, we declared it a draw and set off home.


ptnque2 ptnque3 ptnque4

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