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Dear Quizzers,


The last event of our Group for this year saw 21 gracing us with their presents, sorry, presence, with the help of a couple of guests and the welcome comeback of a couple of knowledgeable veterans . We managed four teams, some with new names. So we had “Cheese on Toast” (don’t ask), with 6 in their team, our luckiest team “The Coven” (this time with a Warlock) only 4 of them on this occasion, then “The Equals” (equally confused?) with 6, and our team of gentlemen who in the past have come up with team names of “Team Name”, Answer Sheet” and “I am a Diphead” (in the hope that I would actually read that out – as if!). This time they chose the inspiring name of “Today’s Winners” (a bit optimistic), but had 5 in the team including one lady.


As mentioned in my reminder of this event, I wanted some precise and accurate answers to various questions I posed and judging by the scores, this was not much appreciated as the total up for grabs was 123 points. Anyway, the main subjects were “Great Buildings”, “Books”, “History” and the obligatory subject this time of year of “Christmas Stuff”. I also insulted the intelligence of the gathered throng with three “Table Top Puzzles”, viz: Anagrams of British PMs and US Presidents, pictures of product logos and our old favourite the Dingbats.


Under Great Buildings I asked what is the official name of the square/place within which the Arc de Triomphe in Paris is situated. I then, under Books (or “pulp fiction” as one bibliophile opined) wanted to know if the assembled knew whose famous sister wrote “Hollywood Wives”. Under the heading of History I asked who was assassinated on 4th April 1968 and Christmas Stuff included the true or false question of “Joseph took Mary as his wife after the Angel appeared to him”?


Under Anagrams we had “THAT GREAT CHARMER” (so true). Dingbats had “XMASCARA” and the logos included the famous logo symbol of Cadillac but some thought it was “Wimbledon” and another “FC Barcelona”!!! (You must get out more!).


The scores: Cheese on Toast were still having tea with a modest points total of 65 which put them in fourth place, The Equals were hoping to be equal to the task with 81 points which put them in third place, witch made the Winners, The Coven with 88 points. The second place with 83 points went to the team mentioned above who were not yesterday’s winners, so I could not read that name out.


Answers:- The Arc de Triomphe is in Place Charles de Gaulle (although it changed it’s name to this in 1970 following the death of that late general and president, it is still referred to as the Etiole).

Hollywood Wives’ author’s famous sister is Joan Collins (Jackie wrote the book) and the less famous third sister is Major Natasha Foster. I accepted the answer Martin Luther King when I asked who was assassinated on 4th April 1968, although the actual name is Martin Luther King Jr. There is a Martin Luther King day each January in the USA, but this is to commemorate King Jr and nothisfatherwho did not die until 1984. Under the Christmas Stuff true or false question, it’s true (see Matthew 1:24 King James’ version). The Anagram was Margaret Thatcher and XMASCARA is of course Kiss and Make up.


A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all!



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