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SHOCK, HORROR! – HOLD THE FRONT PAGE! – more on that story later.


Yesterday’s proceedings were shared between me and our versatile Vice-President, Roland Gillett. We each provided two rounds of questions, although the three table top puzzles were down to me. Twenty one members had nothing better to do and decided to while away a couple of hours trying to answers questions on 1960’s music and general knowledge, together with an assortment of other subjects to make up two double “Connection” rounds. The first three parts were very easy; viz, makes of cars, names of fish and birds. However, the fourth I felt was so obscure that I was prepared to allocate 10 points to any team who could decipher the Connection from the answers to this part.


Four teams duly assembled and chose teams names of “Team of Two Halves” (5 members), “Two Men and their Dogs” (6 members), “The Brain Drain” (5 members) and our most consistently winning team “The Coven” (5 including a witch of the male persuasion; Warlocks!, I hear you cry, no, it’s true I tell you!). As Roland provided the questions for Rounds three and four; I took his place at the table to assist his team mates (Team of Two Halves). They made me welcome (a new experience, I can tell you) and I even managed to add a couple of points to their score with some lucky guesses on my part. Needles to say that I could not be persuaded to give them clues to the answers on the table top puzzles, as that would not have been fair (although they could have done with some divine intervention).


The table top puzzles consisted of 16 Dingbats (pictorial depictions of well know words or phrases), 14 pictures of company logos and 20 cryptic clues to towns and city names, such as “Cranium stuck in rabbit hole”?


Anyway, after the four rounds of questions, the scores were spilt with The Brain Drain and Team of Two Halves jointly second with 75 points each and Two Men and their Dogs and The Coven in joint first place with 82 point each. So it was all down to be settled with the table top puzzles (not everyone’s forte). In fourth place with 98 points were The Brain Drain, Third came Team of Two Halves with 106 points and just beating them to reach second place with 107 points were The Coven! (yes I know; their “Luck” must have run out at last). Which made the winners Two Men and their Dogs with 116 points. Unfortunately, The Coven were let down with not doing so well with the Logos or the Dingbats and they missed out on getting that all important 10 points for part four of the Connections round (which the other three teams managed). In mitigation, one of their team members (the warlock) was called away on urgent business so they were down to four for quite a while, which didn’t help, but I’m sure they will come back stronger next time.


And the answer to that City was of course Edinburgh (get it – head in burrow).


Until next time,




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