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Well we enjoyed a lovely trip out to Malaga catching the bus at 9.05 bus from Torrox Costa picking up people as we went along. We arrived in Malaga c10.30am. After a coffee and a visit to the tourist office we made our way to the English cemetery were we spent an enjoyable morning looking at the headstones of the various well known and not so well known people buried there. It was indeed a peaceful and tranquil place to be, we saw the headstones of Gerald Brenan author of The Spanish Labyrinth and South from Granada as well as his wife Carmel Woosley who was an American poet as well as a thought provoking inscription which read “Cats and Books have been my best friend” . We also saw the grave of the founder of the cemetery William Mark the British Consulate in Malaga as well as that of Robert Boyd who was shot on the 11th December after an attempt to overthrow King Ferdinand in 1831 as well as that of William Noble who founded the first hospital in Malaga and many more besides.

We then made our way to a very good restaurant recommended by Sue where we enjoyed an excellent lunch. After lunch Andrew (lucky man as he was surrounded by woman) set to off explore the area ending up in the Fortress, whilst we ladies made our way (very slowly) along a stunning path way with wonderful scenery, cool shade, green grass and lovely wild flowers for about a mile and a half eventually coming to the Gibralfaro 130 metres above sea level and was built by Yusif I of Granada inside Phoenician ruins who were the founders of the city of Malaga.  We also visited  the small museum and walked along the outside walls which had stunning views across Malaga and out to sea. We then made our way back down and visited the Roman ruins situated by the entrance to the fortress and then home.

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