Dear Quizzers,


We had a splendid turn out this morning with twenty members (although I was confused for a while (nothing strange there you say) when I was told there was one more member in a team who wasn’t there?!). Anyway we managed four teams viz: “5 of him & 1 of her” (there was only five of them – see!?), “Roy’s Gang” (or should it have been his harem, as there were 4 ladies and one gentleman), The Camposinos (6 and gluttons for punishment) and last but not least and only beaten once to my knowledge, The Coven (with an average of 4.5 team members – the 5th one turned up just before the break).


The four rounds constituted of “Going Underground” (to mark the 150th Anniversary of the London Underground), Connections, with themes such as the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (more accurately known as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet) and on men who have walked on the moon, then Name that Year and finally Crime and Punishment. There were of course the usual three lots of Table Top Puzzles, Dingbats, Logos and Cryptic Drinks.


Apparently, those hailing North of Watford are not interested in London Underground and may have never even travelled on it; which was reflected in the scores. There was the usual banter about what constitutes a correct answer in the Connections round and I have to be strict on this, showing no favouritism and insist that it has to be one of the four names I called out. Whilst a team may get the “Connection” correct, they still have to get the other questions correct to score further points. Name that year was a hoot with team members using the year of their marriage or birth of their children as reference points (did it help?) and with the Crime and Punishment round, when asked what was the name of the first person to be executed in the US after the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, one team gave a correct answer, but it was not what I had on my sheet, so “Some murdering Bastard!” does not count.


So, to the scores; you will be pleased to learn that the Camposinos were not fourth and instead came third with 65 points, as joint second place went to 5 of Him & 1 of Her and Roy’s Gang with 69 points apiece, which leaves The Coven the winners again with 95 points. Well done!


All the best until next time.






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