Dear History Lovers,

We had a very enjoyable and interesting History meeting on the 5th March. Royce gave a talk on when and where sheep were first domesticated in Iberia. Apparently sheep were originally domesticated using the Muflon and Royce passed around photographs for us to look at. Hopefully we will learn more  about the domestication of other animals ie cattle and dogs! when you have time Royce in-between your talk on the Armada set for May!!

Andrew continued his very intersting talk on Christopher Columbus and we are following CC’s adventures so we have our very own U3A channel 4. In April Andrew will move on to Part 3 and we are all looking forward to that!

Maggie is also going to give a talk on the History of Flamenco in April and we are looking forward to that Maggie has also  organised a demonstration for us. Also we discussed the possibility of visiting the Flamenco Museum in Malaga as well as going to see a Flamenco show – Maggie to look into this.

Afterwards we discussed when we should go on our next trip and Ian came back with the f ree days we could go on our visit to Malaga. The only date that I can make is the 17th of April so hopefully most people will be able to make this date. The 1st of May would have been OK but I do believe that this is a public holiday. Please come back to me on this.

Andrew would also like to go to Granada and visit the Alhambra we discussed whether we should go on the bus or go by car. Andrew to research possibilities ie bus time table, entrance time etc.

Ian would also like to go to Cordoba,  it is possible to go on a day trip which some of the charities as well as travel agents advertise. Ian to research possibilities. I am still working on the Cadiz trip but due to the distance this would be an overnight stop.

We also welcome John Grillo who has joined the History Group, and we were also pleased to see Helen and Andrew in February – Andrew  originally set up the History Group – They were unable to join us this time but we look forward to seeing them at the next meeting.

Best wishes to everyone and look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting,

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