Dear Quizzers,


We had a very modest turnout this morning, no doubt due to the inclement weather and members having something better to do. We did however manage two teams of five with the help of a couple of “visitors”.


As mentioned in my reminder, I was relegated to answering the questions in one of the teams as our inquisitor was “Guest Quiz Mistress”, Helen Boulton and my thanks goes to her for being so brave. One team was made up of five gentlemen whilst the other had three gentlemen and two ladies (including my good self and the two visitors). I was in team “Newcomers” and the five gentlemen called themselves “No Names” (perhaps “incognito” would have been better assuming they knew what it meant and how to spell that word).


Now I normally challenge the assembled with twenty questions on each subject, so four subject in all (not counting the Connection rounds or table top puzzles), but our Quiz Mistress presented us with two subject per page (eight subjects in total) for the teams to cogitate. Those of us who watch television stood a better chance than those who didn’t and knowledge of US presidents was also a bonus. As for the table top puzzles; you’ll never guess what the UK government acronym of C.O.B.R.A. means. Do you know the names of the actors who starred as the Magnificent Seven and how about the names of the seven dwarves (no, some of us didn’t either)?


Anyway, the scores were not that important (our team won!) as there was only about twenty points in it. One of our team members was going to bring a prize to give to the winners, but thought better of it has he would only have to take it home again (that’s confidence for you).


It will all be back to normal next month (now don’t be like that), so just to confirm that C.O.B.R.A. stands for Cabinet Office Briefing Room A.


All the best until next time and thanks again to Helen,



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