Dear Quizzers,
Our latest sojourn into the realms of mental sadomasochism saw 15 members gracing us with their presents. Some were absent due to being laid low with illness or out of the country or even forgot what day it was. Anyway, three teams were assembled with the names of “The Champions” (a tad optimistic I feel), then “Where’s John?” (a tribute to our most dedicated follower, John Mac) and then the infamous “The Coven” (with some new guests to make up for those regulars who could not make it).
The first round comprised of two lots of ten “Connection” questions. The first part was an easy British Prime Ministers connection, but part two had them stumped as the connection was famous drummers. Round two was about events in the 1960’s (what year was the first Dr. Who broadcast on TV?), with round three dedicated to World Capitals (what Island’s capital if Flying Fish Cove?) and round four the Natural World (What is the study of bird’s eggs?).
We had the useful trio of Table Top Puzzles, comprising of some Dingbats drawn by children (you would have thought that with all those grandparents there, they would have walked it?), Numbers and Letters (2,T O E P N) and twenty anagrams of quiz members names. For example “Granny Mauler” is Glenna Murray, “Darling to tell” is Roland Gillett and “Razor Regiment” is yours truly. For those that could not make it, try these “Round Table Won” and Noble Hen Lout”.
Well it was a close run thing when it came to the scores. At the end of the four rounds The Champions were third with 65, Where’s John? Second with 68 and the Coven had 69 points. Then we added the TTP scores which meant that in third place came Where’s John? With 104 points, closely followed by The Champions with 106 points, but winning (again) were The Coven with 110 points! Well done (again).
The answers to the above questions (if you are interested) are Dr. Who first broadcast in 1963 (23rd November), Flying Fish Cove is the capital of Christmas Island and Oology is the study of bird’s eggs. The “2, T O E P N” stands for 2, The Only Even Prime Number (the other ones were much easier!).
Next time on the 7th June I shall be with you in spirit but not body. Due to some aberration by Andrew Henbest, he has agreed to stand in my stead as I shall be otherwise engaged. I shall nevertheless still be providing the questions and so any criticisms of them should be directed to me (as usual).

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