Art Appreciation

Report on Art Appreciation Meeting

December 2012

Parquesol Restaurant El Morche

Sunflowers by Van Gogh

As usual a fantastic DVD and discussion.  We are watching Private Life of a Masterpiece Series from the BBC, a delight to watch.  The whole episode gave us an overview of Van Gogh the man and the painter.  We decided he was a poor, tormented soul, but absolutely brilliant.  It is documented that he was psycophrenic and his art works are a product of a tortured soul, but they were magnificent.  I think everyone there absolutely loved his creations.

Van Gogh’s life had high points as well as being tortured by mental illness.  He lived in Paris and made friends with Gaughin.  Then he moved to Arles, and set up a studio with Gaughin.  I didn’t make the comparison with the life of Christ and the fact that he saw Gaughin as a Christ like figure.  It was a recipe for disaster, which it was.  It culminated in Van Gogh committing suicide.

During this time in Arles, Van Gogh was prolific in his production of masterpieces.  He produced 12 painting of Sunflowers; the most famous is hung in the National Gallery in London.  We all loved his technique and his brush work.  His disregarded all of the rules of colour made his painting special.  He was a true master.  I could list one masterpiece after another and we saw glimpses of all my favourites.

After his death, his sister in law marketed his work and made him famous.  We have her ingenuity to thank for his fame and I certainly do.  I do enjoy this series as it has increased my knowledge and opened my eyes in an enjoyable way to many facts about painters and paintings and I know others feel the same.

Next month we are having a little trip to Malaga to the Thysen Art Gallery.  Please meet us there at 11.30.    My phone number is 610379883.  I will be on the 10.00 bus from Torrox Costa if anyone wants to join us.  

I am also looking for people to do some research into one exhibit and tell us about it.  I am going to do something on Guillermo.  Everything else is up for grabs.  Please let me know what you are doing as I don’t want duplicates.  Please join in and make the visit enjoyable.  We will go for lunch after the visit.

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