Discussion Group



As promised I remind you all of our next meeting Friday 17th May at 11.00 a.m. at Tanit Restaurant, Torre del Mar, (facing lighthouse).


I have received many interesting suggestions from group members, some of which I have decided to include for your consideration as follows:


  • Do we receive the support and clear, unambiguous advice we should expect to receive, as expats, from our consulate in Spain, for example, in respect of:


Residents declaration of assets held, outside of Spain, as required by the Spanish Tax Authority?


The process and recommendations in respect of renewing British/Spanish driving licences?


  • Should the UK Independence Party’s success in the recent County  Council elections in Britain be regarded with very real concern?   Do we believe that:


Cameron will turn on his Lib Dem coalition partners to blame them for not being able to proceed with the referendum, that UKIP and a large number of Tory MP’s want, more immediately than had been planned?


Would he be prepared, (or be able), to ditch the Lib Dems to hold such a referendum in the next year, in the hope that, by doing so, he can “burst  the UKIP balloon”and, as a consequence, avoid the need to coalesce with UKIP?   Would such a step prove to be counter-productive?


OR will he wait and see how matters develop until just before the election in 2015.   In which event, could they then enter into pre-election arrangement with UKIP to seat share with the intention of ushering in a far right coalition of Tories and UKIP?


Also would Cameron be prepared to do, (as UKIP demands he should do), and stand down in favour of a more eurosceptic Tory leader?


  • Why do we have to suffer so many taxes?   What should they be used for?   Why tolerate poor healthcare, schools and roads in the interest of keeping taxes down?   Has the Robin Hood policy of the rich being taxed heavily to subsidise the poor have any relevance in modern society?


  • What is your opinion of the celebrity culture that has grown over recent decades?  What is, (or more importantly), what should a celebrity be?   Is there any prospect of a return to the past, when being a celebrity was always a positive thing to be?


  • In the UK, same sex couples are now legally able to enter into civil partnerships.   Why cannot civil partnerships be available to heterosexuals?


These issues should make for a very interesting discussion.   Any contributions you are able to make, should you be unable to make them personally, would be welcome by email.


In the meantime, I look forward to a very good attendance on Friday.


Take care of yourselves,


Terry Brady.

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