Discussion Group




  • Do we receive the service that we can expect to receive, as expats, from our Consulate?


As UK expats, we were unanimous in our view that the answer was a resounding  NO


We questioned exactly what is the Consulates role?   Have they got a published “mission statement” to determine the scope of their services?   Are any of the Consulate staff prepared to leave Malaga to visit the Eastern Costa del Sol?


  • Should we be concerned about the recent success of UKIP in County Council Elections in the UK?


Generally, we all felt that UKIP should not be considered as a force to be reckoned with.   We consider that David Cameron is unlikely to be prepared, in the short or medium term, to change course, to satisfy his Tory doubters or UKIP, even if, as expected, UKIP do very well in next year’s European Elections, we all believed that, in the last year prior to the General Election, he will seek to unify his fractured party and that UKIP will be exposed for their shortcomings.


On reflection, we agreed that any break with his coalition partners will automatically result in an immediate General Election.   It is clear that Cameron will never call an election until he believes that the Tories have a real chance of winning an absolute majority : and for that he needs a full five years!


  • What should our taxes be used for?   Why should we tolerate the acceptance of poor services in the interest of keeping taxes down?   Should the rich be taxed more heavily to subsidise the poor?


Our opinion was that personal taxes were a necessary evil, but as direct taxation increases it seems that the scope and quality of our services goes down!


Direct personal taxation, (i.e. Income Tax), does not, as it is currently structured, i.e. graduated  does not help the poor at the expense of the rich but perhaps it is time that it does!


  • Celebrity Culture :  What does it take to be a Celebrity?


We all mourned the fact that to be a celebrity today meant appearing on a TV show to demonstrate how loud or aggressive you can be.   Is it too much to hope that a celebrity can, at some time in the future, means someone can aspire to be a star in their field?


  • Why cannot civil partnerships be available to heterosexual couples as well as same sex couples?


Our view was that whether marriage or civil partnership, heterosexual or homosexual, equality is called for, at the earliest opportunity.


As I write, it is interesting to note that the government and opposition have agreed, only yesterday, to initiate a review to examine this inequality.



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