QUIZ Group, 7th June Meeting Report

Dear Quizzers,

My thanks again to Andrew Henbest for standing in and just to confirm that it is business as usual next month (now, don’t be like that!).

He was kind enough to report as follows:-

“We had 3 teams as follows: 1) We can’t make up our minds. 2) The Other Covern & 3) The Campesinos

The 4 sets of category questions went down well and I pointed out that some answers had to be specific to avoid arguments, and blamed you anyway, so that part was O.K., however, the table top puzzles and in particular the Dingbats got the most groans as with MOTHER for ‘Maximum’ and ‘High Seas’ not ‘7 Seas’

The results were as follows: 1st. We can’t make up our minds (well obviously they could!!), with 100 pts. 2nd. The Other Covern, with 82 pts. and 3rd. The Campesinos, with 78 pts..

We had a couple of guests along who said that they enjoyed themselves and, hopefully, they might come back in September as new members.”

Well, I’d better get back to researching for our next quiz, so T T F N.


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