QUIZ Group Report, July 5th 2013

Dear Quizzers,

Our July meeting had the usual ups and downs of Egyptian politics and thirteen members could not find anything better to do that morning. So three teams were made (thrown together more like), with names such as (our most consistent team) “The Coven” , then we had “The Odds & Ends and a team with an unparalleled name of “He’s not here………..etc………” (more on that story later).
The usual four rounds of twenty questions each had the subjects of “People & Places”, “Leisure”, “Pot Luck” and then “Call My Bluff (a personal favourite). These rounds were complimented with three Table Top Puzzles. One on 24 UK attractions and their whereabouts (this did not included Scotland and I can only assume that there are none North of the Border or that whomever compiled the list was very much in favour of Scottish independence)? We also had a list of 20 first lines of No. 1 hits of the 60’s, such as “I was born in a cross-fire hurricane and I howled at Ma in the drivin’ rain”. The last TTP was compiled of 25 Cryptic TV programmes, with clues such as “A Labrador on your wrist”.
Our most regular member (it must be all those vegetables) did in fact bring in a sample of the results of his labours from his allotment and placed a number of veggy items on a table for our members to help themselves. When I drew attention to these vegetables to the assembled, an “uncharitable” member sought clarification as to whether I was referring to another team (I think the Tena Lady and Gents apparel had to be renewed after that one)!
Now, every effort is made to ensure that the questions and answers are thoroughly researched, but I strayed from my path when I was confronted with a question to my question. No more. Firm but fair. The questions will be repeated, but can not be elaborated on as this could prove misleading, viz “Which Manchester United player signed in 2005, had played for Ajax, Juventus and Fulham”; Simples? Not when one is asked if he was still playing for Man Utd. I may have intimated that he still was and this was my mistake for which I apologies. The same team queried another question which they felt hard done by, but I think there may have been a misunderstanding. The question was “What ailment are you suffering from if you are Scorbutic”. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “Scorbutic” as “relating to or affected with scurvy”. Whilst of course Scurvy is caused by a vitamin deficiency, the question was not what Scurvy was, but the meaning of the word Scorbutic.
You will remember from above, Team “He’s not here………..etc………”, well the full name is “He’s not here again this month, so if we win, he’s off the team” (He needn’t worry and no doubt he will be back for our next joust?). Well they came third (we don’t like to say last) with 96 points, second with 99 points was Odds & Ends and in first place (again) were The Coven with 107 points (after a recount)! Well done (again)!
By the way if you are wondering about the answers to the above mentioned questions – you should have been there! OK………“I was born in a cross-fire hurricane and I howled at Ma in the drivin’ rain” is “Jumping Jack Flash”; “A Labrador on your wrist” was of course “Watchdog” and not “Dog Watch” as one team thought! And that footballer was Edwin Van Der Sar.
That’s all for now and a bit; no August meeting , but back on the the 6th September after I have had time to recover.
Have a hot one,
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