Wild Side Walking First Trekking Adventure

The new group has been termed ‘wild side walking’ mainly to distinguish it from the very successful existing U3A walking group but is likely to be slightly more challenging due to the terrain up here near the national park. our first adventure will be on thursday september 12, meeting in the Canillas de albaida car park (just off the mini-roundabout) at 10.30am for a walk of approximately 2.5 hours and ending with lunch in the village. this will be a relatively easy first walk and a chance to find out the sort of walking to which members aspire – my husband peter, who will be leading the walks, has climbed maroma a couple of times from Canillas de Aceituna so we could always do that in the autumn and he’s keen to try other more ambitious ascents in the area too. 
 i know many of you are keen walkers anyway and offers to lead on any of the treks you’ve already done would be gratefully received.
please let me know by monday september 9 if you can make it on september 12 and also whether you’d like to book lunch at antonio’s afterwards (not sure exactly how much it will cost till I speak to antonio but I think he’s proposing a tapas buffet and i’m sure it will be less than 10 euros). might be a good idea to include a mobile phone number in your reply too.
 i’m planning to organise the walks on thursday mornings around the middle of each month so dates for the next few will be october 10, november 14 and december 12.
regards, sandie hurford
ps please take a note of my mobile phone number (625 778843)

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