Quiz Group Meeting Report for Friday 6th September 2013

We welcomed back eleven members after the holidays (only those that had recovered from the summer, no doubt) and three teams were duly assembled. They consisted of “The Girls”, The Quizzicals and a team made up of “gentlemen” calling themsleves “Only Three of Us” (maybe they should have had showers that morning?).

Anyway, as I mentioned in my Reminder, I gave the answers to two of the Table Top Puzzles in their respective sheets, Viz: twenty famous paintings and their painters’ and (not so well known) collective nouns for twenty different animals. The painters were easier (Only Three of Us got 20 out of 20!), but the collective nouns proved a quite different challenge. The most a team got were 4 such as “ A Tower of Giraffes”. The third TTP was another outing of our old friend “Dingbats!” relating to schools this time. Yes, I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea, but not everyone’s skills lie in knowing every fact and figure, so an opportunity for some lateral thinking must be welcome by some? Try this:-

stir education

The main event was of course the four rounds of twenty questions and this month we had “Codes & Spies”, (Which Stella became Director-General of MI5?), “Pioneers” (Name the country that was the first in the world to have a woman prime-minster?), “Pot Luck” (Florence Nightingale was given the freedom of which city in 1908?) and “60’s Music” (Known by another name, Yusuf had his first Top Ten hit with which 60’s song?).

A good time was had by one and all, because as we all know it’s not the winning that counts, its the taking part. However, I was counting and in third place with a creditable 65 points were The Girls, second were the Quizzicals with 77 points and the winners (they were all winners really) were Only Three of Us with 83 pints, sorry points.

The answer to the Dingbat is of course Minster for Education (mini stir four education). The Stella who was D-G of MI5 was Stella Rimington and not Stella Artois. The country with the first woman prime-minster was Ceylon. Florence Nightingale got the Freedom of the City of London and it was “Matthew and Son” that was a top ten hit for Cat Stevens (that was his name when he had that hit in 1966, not Yusuf Islam, although he was born Steven Demetre Georgiou).

There was a “query” in respect of the “Ceylon” answer, but as I explained, Sri Lanka did not come into existence until 1972 and Sirimavo Bandaranaika became it’s prime-minster in 1960, in the same way as Yusuf Islam did not have a hit with Matthew and Son.

Until our next joust in October,

All the best,


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