Three proposed new groups

Classical Music Exploration:

Would you like to find out a bit more about classical music?  Do you know your Beethoven and Brahms, but who is  Boult?  If you would like to expand and develop your knowledge then join us for a morning of music and we will help you to explore the world of classical music.
We will of course be drinking coffee, talking and having fun.  Everyone is welcome.
This group will be held in Canillas de Albaida at Antonio’s bar.  The first meeting will be on November 15 at 11 am.  Please send me expressions of interest before 21 October so we can ensure we find one another.


There is a proposal to set up a Petanque group in Canillas. They have permission to use the municipal courts in Canillas.  Initially, they will meet once a month.  They are proposing the 3rd Wednesday in the month starting the 20 November.  Can I have expressions of interest please by 26 October?

Cycling Group:

There is a proposal for a cycling group, well two groups actually.  There will be an easy group and a more challenging one.  The concept is to make something for everyone whether you are fit or not.   If you have always wanted to try or you have not cycled for a while there is something for you. However, Lance Armstrong is welcome if he is in town.
Help and advise will be given if you need to buy a bike.  Helmets must be worn.  Electric bicycles are welcome.
The meetings will be held on a Tuesday morning with a starting time of 11am. The sessions will be graded so you can come along for your level.  The easier sessions will be about an hour long the more difficult sessions about 3.5 hours.  The starting point will be given each time.

The first meeting will be on the 5 November.  If you have an interest in these groups please use the “contact us” facility to register an interest. Please state which of the groups interest you.

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